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Cheam Prep, UK - a cash donation
Ludgrove Prep, UK - a cash donation


Westminster Under Cricket Tour - cricket kit 

Rustenburg Girls High School - hockey and tennis kit
Shropshire Under 13 boys cricket team - kit and cash
Lancing College Cricket Team- kit
Ludgrove Prep Cricket- kit
Cheam Prep Cricket - kit
Golden Bulls Cricket Team - cash

The Masterson family from the USA
Another incredibly generous donation from Westminster Under School in the UK
The Bales family from Cape Town
Cumnor House Prep School - a large amount of kit
The Golden Bulls Cricket side from  Cape Town

The Hyne family - sports equipment, in particular cricket kit
Lancing College Cricket Team - a large amunt of cricket kit and clothing
Cheam Prep - a generous cash donation plus netball and cricket kit/clothing
Ashbury College Rugby - a generous cash donation plus rugby kit/clothing
Ludgrove Prep - a generous cash donation
Lloyd's of London Cricket Team - a generous donation to the Hermanus NSRI
Golden Bulls Cricket Team - another cash donation

Westminster Under - a massive cash donation for us to purchase our own Quantum
Cumnor Prep School - cricket, rugby and netball kit
Golden Bulls Cricket Team - more cash donations
King Williams College Rugby Team - rugby kit and clothing
Shawnigan Lake Rugby Team - rugby kit and a set of Tag Rugby eguipment

Golden Bulls Cricket Team - Three cash donations and two bags of Cricket kit donated by Carribbean Masters and Springwood Royals
Ashbury College - A cash donation and a set of Tag-in-a-Bag
Cheam Preparatory School - A most generous cash donation, Rugby Jerseys and bags of clothing

Luctonians Under 16 Rugby Team - 3 sets of Tag in a Bag, rugby balls, water bottles plus masses of kit and clothing
Golden Bulls Cricket Team - Cash donation
Thomas van Poucke - A second cash donation
Westminster Under Cricket Tour - A generous donation of money and kit
Merchiston College Cricket Team - A donation of kit and money
Cheam Prep School 2013 - Our biggest yet cash donation for cricket equipment and kit at Heathfield Primary School
Thomas van Poucke and mates 2013 - A generous cash donation
Gosport and Fareham Under 16 Rugby - Kit, clothing and a cash donation
Taylor family - Rugby balls, cones, ball bag, shirts, shorts, pumps and valves
Stuart McConnell of Tag Group - A set of 40 Tag Rugby belts
Luctonians Under 16 Rugby Team 2011 - Generous donation of kit and clothing
Cheam Prep 2011 - Cricket kit and equipment for Heathfield Primary School and other junior sides
South Wilts Cricket Club - A generous cash donation plus cricket kit
Shropshire County Under 13 Cricket - An awesome cash donation
Cryptics Cricket Club - A cash donation to be used for mini-cricket at Heathfield Primary School
Bournemouth Cricket Club - A very generous donation of cricket kit including caps and T-shirts
Great Walstead Prep School - A wonderful donation of cash for us to use for sporting equipment
Portsmouth Grammar School- A huge collection of kit to be donated to Heathfield Primary School
Auckland Grammar School water polo- 4 water polo balls and 2 sets of caps
Andy Barnard and Shrewsbury School- An awesome donation of cricket kit
Bronwen Reynolds- Thanks for a donation from your Monthly Womens’ Group
Bradford Collett - As part of his Eagle Scout Project, Bradford adopted sport4kids and sent an amazing donation of R10 500 to be used for kit for Chapel Street Primary School
Horris Hill - A fantastic cash donation
Mr Neil Fagan - A cash donation


All donations, whether money or kit, no matter how big or small are needed, will be put to good use and will be sincerely appreciated.

Cash donations can be made by electronic funds transfer into our bank account:

kids2kids (Pty) Ltd First National Bank Rondebosch
Branch Branch code 201509
Current account number 62110895424.

Donations of sport kit, whether new or second-hand, can be made by contacting us.

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